BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit Review: An In-depth Look…


BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit Review





Do you find starting up a campfire to be a daunting task or hassle too much for you?

Are you always worried about the safety precautions associated with igniting and using a pit fire?

Biolite claim their FirePit has been developed to help you start and use a campfire with ease and safety as the priority. BioLite, a New York-based company, has taken a futuristic approach to fire pits, by developing an innovative product that reduces the workload involved in using a fire pit.

They also claim that in developing the 27-inch by 10-inch by 10.5 portable fire pit, they took every aspect of user experience into consideration and innovated to create an enjoyable experience with regards for those of us that love to spend some time outdoors.

The combination of useful features and an advanced design yields a stellar combination of smell, warmth and feel that very few portable firepits can achieve.



BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit Review: Features and Benefits

To understand why the FirePit stands a cut above the rest of the portable fire pits in the market, you need to explore the various features that it has.


#1. An Advance Airflow System

The BioLite comes with one of, if not the most advanced airflow system in any portable fire pits on the market. The airflow system is run by a fan that has four different setting for different flame controls.

The highest fan mode – mode 4 – has been designed to fire from sparks to a flaming fire in just a matter of seconds. BioLite reckons that the system as implemented in the FireLite can take sparks to fledgeling fire in as little as 30 seconds.

Mode 2 and mode have been designed as the cruising modes. As such, these modes are used during regular cooking, and they are designed to yield the amount of heat energy that you would normally use for proper cooking. Mode on1, on the other hand, has been designed for long-burning fires with very little smoke but also tiny flames.

This is because the fan does not blow directly to the fire. Instead, the fan directs air into a system of air jets, 51 air jets to precise. The air jets are designed to increase the overall availability of oxygen in the critical parts of flame. These air jets not only increase the amount of oxygen available for combustion of the fuel, but it also improves the uniformity of the fire.

The benefits of these air flow system reduced fire ignition workload, improved fire control, and the reduction of smoke to almost non-existent levels. I find the air flow system, especially the implementation of the jets system as the most stand-out feature.


#2. Wood and Charcoal Burning FirePit

Unlike many other portable fire pits on the market that are have been optimised for burning either coal or firewood, the FirePit has been tuned to consume both. As such, you can fill it with conventional coal and use it as fuel, or you can use two regular-sized pieces of firewood as your fuel.

This flexibility ensures that regardless of the situation you are in, and the fuel you have with you, you can use your fire pit.


#3: USB Rechargeable and Detachable Power Pack

FirePit comes with a 10,400 mAh battery pack that is rechargeable through a USB connection. The nylon battery can also be detached and recharged through the Solar Carry Cover.

The USB output can be used to recharge your other devices. Importantly, the glass-filled battery store sufficient energy for 5 hours of high-mode runtime, 8 hours of medium modes runtime, and 24 hours low mode runtime.


#4: Wireless User Interface

Controlling The FirePit’s flame is easy. You can manually adjust the fan settings, thereby changing the flame intensity. However, FirePit also comes with Bluetooth connectivity capability and a free Android and iOS BioLite Energy App. This app integrates with FirePit, giving you remote control of the FirePit.


#5: Folding Legs

While the dimensions of the FirePit make it quite portable, BioLite has gone a step further in improving its portability. They have designed the legs to fold with tremendous ease. As such, whether you are packing you are FirePit for storage or travel, it does not take up a lot of space.

Furthermore, when you add their add-on Solar Carry Cover, you have a packing system that is not only optimal for storage and travel, but you also get a case that generates electricity while you are in the wild. This additional feature comes in handy by recharging FirePit’s battery.


#6: X-Ray Mesh

The X-Ray mesh provides users with 360° of viewing. Importantly, this allows heat to radiate from all angles. From the top you get the flames, from the bottom you get the amber glow, and from the sides, you get red glowing flames and crackles.


#7: Hibachi Style Grill

The BioLite’s FirePit comes with a Hibachi-style grill, complete with a grill grate. As such, whether you are using a regular cooking pan or grilling, the pit is accommodative.



The Good and The Bad

BioLite’s FirePit has a lot going for it. For instance, it has been hailed the vast majority of its users and testers to be comfortable and intuitive to use, smoke-free fuel burning, detachable battery and fan, quiet air flow system, high-capacity battery, high-portability, and the Hibachi Style grill feature.

That being said, it does have downsides. However, the few downsides most likely will not affect your user experience and, therefore, may not be a problem at all.

These include a lack of lid to use while cooking, it may be too large for some camping expeditions and it can use up charcoal relatively fast.




Can FirePit burn wood chips?

In a nutshell, yes. However, due to the compact nature of chips, there is a high likelihood that the fire will produce smoke. The air jets find it difficult to penetrate deep into the wood chips.


How long does it take to cool down?

Because it uses X-Ray mesh body, it does not take long to cool down once all the fuel has been burned or removed. The handles also always stay cool to the touch.



My Final Verdict…

In this BioLite Firepit review, it is obvious that it has been designed to be lightweight, durable, compact and easy to carry. We, at Campfires and Firepits, recommend this as a great option if you are in need of a portable firepit to use in your backyard or to bring on a camping trip.


What are the Best Tents for Camping – Solo, Couples and Families!


Best Camping Tents Review Guide


Best Camping Tents for Sale – How To Choose The Best Tents For Camping!


Best Camping Tents For Sale


From camping with families and friends to base camping in your next adventure, you will want the best camping tents for this exciting outdoor activity. Choosing the best camping tents is one ideal way of increasing safety, enjoyment and comfort during camping trips. However, if you are in search for a new camping tent, you will surely find lots of options available out there.

Trying to find the best camping tents to fit your specific needs can be overwhelming.


Critical Considerations When Choosing a Camping Tent

When choosing a camping tent there are vital factors to be considered such as:

Cost: You do not really need to spend that much for the best camping tents. Keep in mind that there are varieties of options available that come in different features and price range. However, if you backpack a lot, it somehow makes sense to spend some more for bigger and quality camping tents.

Weight: Few ounces might not really be a big deal however; backpacking is more convenient and fun if you cut weight down. Lightweight options for camping tents can make your camping fun and unforgettable. Your camping tent is always included in the list of things to be packed so it would be best to keep the weight of your tent at minimum.

Protection: Note that the best camping tents should protect you against worst elements. An excellent tent can protect you from storm and keep you dry, safe and warm.

These are just few of the critical considerations you need to keep in mind. Other considerations include capacity, interior space, and design elements, set up style, wall construction, durability, footprint and more.

Best Tents for Camping: 2-Person / Couples

Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent

If you are planning on camping alone or with one other person, and you simply need a tent for sleeping or shelter from the elements, then a 2-person tent is the perfect choice for you!

A 2-person tent sleeps 2 people comfortably, and there is enough room to move around, although you will not be able to stand up fully in these small tents. But that’s OK, because on a camping or hiking trip, you’re going to want to be enjoying the great outdoors, instead of spending a lot of time cooped up in a tent.

A 2-person tent is convenient to take on hikes for 1 or 2 people, and is a great option for 1 person, and a pet, too! 2-person tents are perfect for a short camping trip, to bring with you when hiking or for those back yard outings for the kids!

Buy Now: Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent

Best Tents For Camping: 3-Persons

Coleman SunDome 3-Person Dome Tent

This season is the perfect time to spend with the family. An out of town wilderness experience or a backyard camping can be very exciting if you have a cozy tent where you and your family can fit in. When buying a tent, you have to be keen on features as not all tents are the same. They differ in several factors such as brands and quality. Here is a quick review of one of the recommended 3-person camping tents in the market, the Coleman Sundome 3-Person Tent.

This tent model is made with WeatherTec System to help keep you dry and comfortable inside. It is also very easy to setup since it has a two-pole design and an easy-to-follow guide. It is lightweight, so it can be easily carried during outings. It only weighs 8.3 pounds and comes with a carry bag for more convenience.

The tent also comes with an electrical access port for those who are planning to run a cord from the tent to an electrical power source. For those who think that the tent is too sealed should check it out as it has an adjustable special ventilation system called VariFlow. These air vents provide airflow without compromising the tent’s leak-free feature. For those who want to keep their stuff in place while camping, they can use the interior gear pocket where they can put a couple of things such as gadgets or small snacks.

Overall, the Coleman Sundome 3-Person tent is the best in the market when it comes to ease of setup, quality and comfort!



Best 4-Persons Tents for Camping

Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Person Tent

If you are looking for a unique and spacious tent, then the Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Person Tent is definitely your resort. The Trail Ridge is made using twin ridgepoles that enhance the space making it suitable for a family of four.

This ideal tent for a family of four people has two functional vestibules that are flanked on both ends, which provides you easy entry and exit options. Besides, these vestibules offer extra space where you can keep your camp equipment. Since they are color coded, you can easily mount your tent without any hassle. This saves you time!

They are made with tapped floor seams that offer a protective seal against water seepage, so you are safe from flooding. Do not forget that they have internal storage pockets that give your additional space for your essentials.

Although The Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Person Tent may not be an equal of a five star hotel, it offers plenty of space that is enough for four people.

Wall materials are made using 68D Polyester and dye free. The floor materials are 75D Polyester measuring 1800mm. you also get a color-coded clip that enables you to fix the tent quickly.

Tapped floor seams, Mesh wall panels with four poles made from DAC DA17, while the floor materials are 68D Nylon 1800mm.

Buy Now: Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Person Tent

Best 8-Person Tents for Camping

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Whether you’re a family of four or a family of 8, you’ll find the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent roomy and comfortable. Unlike other models that promise quick and easy setup, this one really is quick and easy to put together and you can set it up and be ready in just one minute.

The Coleman Instant Tent comes with two rooms and comes with seven windows and two doors. This ensures plenty of ventilation and light. The divider between the rooms is removable if you prefer having one big space. With an exclusive WeatherTec system, welded floor and waterproof walls, you can rest assure that you and your gear will stay dry in the rain.

In fact, the exterior is built to withstand all kinds of weather, including high winds, rain and even hail. Once your camping trip is done, taking the tent down is just as easy as putting it up; it comes in a durable carrying bag for an easy haul back to the car and comes with a one-year warranty. If you’re looking for durability, convenience and lots of space, the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent may be just what you’re looking for.

Buy Now: KColeman 8 Person Instant Tent

Tips To Finding The Best Tents For Camping

Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Tent

When finding the best tents for camping, make sure you ask yourself these questions…


1. What kind of camping will you be doing?

Are you camping out in the wilderness or in the snow? Knowing this will keep you from buying the wrong type of tent.


2. Will you use your tent often?

Will you be camping all Spring or all Summer? Or will you be camping occasionally. Asking yourself this question will help you decide the quality and usage of a camping tent.


3. What kind of weather will you face?

This is another question that is helpful. You don’t want a winter tent for a summer camping tent. So, decide what type of weather you will be in before buying!


4. How many people will be camping with you?

Determining how many people that will be camping with you, will ensure you buy the right sized tent.


5. How much are you willing to spend?

This should be the number one question. How much are you willing to spend on a quality camping tent? Only you know the answer to this. Setting a budget will not only help you from overspending, but also it will ensure you get what you pay for.



Unveiling the 5 Best Camping Tents

The options for camping tents are unlimited however, when searching for the best, the following 5 camping tents fall into this category:


1. Coleman Camping Tents

Coleman camping tents are one of the best camping tents providing enough space and ease of use. The pre attached poles and the incredibly easy and basic set up are just few of the many good points of this tent. During summer camping, when rain and wind are no really big deals, this camping tent is an excellent choice. The body of this tent is excellently constructed to ensure its unrivalled function. The Coleman camping tents is an ideal for family with kids. This can surely accommodate and can ensure their comfort and protection.


2. Wenzel Ridgeline

This brand of camping tent may not be as popular as Coleman however, it has an excellent reputation for durable and premium quality camping tents for the most reasonable price. This tent is easy to set up and light to be carried around. Many customers have complemented this tent and even attest that this is so far one of the best camping tents. This tent is recognized for its sturdy and long lasting quality and is spacious enough for everyone joining the camping.

Wenzel Ridgeline camping tent are weatherproof and crafted from finest materials such as polyethylene delivering a great water-resistant advantage. This tent is durable and sturdy and can withstand unwanted weather elements. Most of the tents have their storm flaps which are convenient for rain and wind beating against the tent. Wenzel tents are known for their ability to withstand even the most extreme weather condition like strong winds. The roof of this tent is made up of mesh material to guarantee proper ventilation and that no insects can ever invade your temporary living space. This is indeed a great brand of camping tent to use. Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent Review.


3. Mountain Trails Camping Tents

This is also one of the best camping tents. This is a top pick for outdoor products and outdoor activities like camping. In fact, this is one of the cheapest camping tents brand yet quality and durability are never compromised. This is spacious and basically comes with higher center height. This allows individuals to enjoy more freedom and space to conveniently move inside the tent.

Mountain Trails camping tents utilize varieties of materials during the construction of camping tents. Some of their models come with steel frames while others have fiber glass frames and the poles and most of their frames tend to be shocked corded. This is obviously a popular trend for majority of camping tents as this delivers durability and strength for greater tent construction.

In terms of fabric materials, this brand of camping tent utilizes variety of nylon fabrics while other tents are crafted from sturdy and durable polyester fabrics. Regardless of fabrics and materials used, the Mountain Trails camping tents are weatherproof. These are comprised of quality welded polyethylene giving the tents ultimate waterproof abilities. Unlike the Wenzel and Coleman brands, the Mountain Trails camping tents are typically designed with doors that with D-style shape and premium quality zippers. One of the best things about this branded camping tent is that it can be assembled easily.


4. Nemo Tents

These tents are the ultimate expressions of spacious family tents. This is considered as one of the best camping tents highly preferred by families who love outdoor adventures like camping. Nemo tents are known for their bigger front door and elaborate pole designs which stretch the top and side on a tunnel-like shape. Only the finest materials are used during construction making the Nemo Tent sturdier, more comfortable and more capable of withstanding unwanted weather elements.


5. Eureka Camping Tents

This tent is best for camping and backcountry trip with the entire family. The Eureka Tent is especially designed and built to withstand any damage posed by naughty kids. This comes with nylon floor so you do not really have to worry if your kids run inside the tent even with their slippers or shoes on. The floor is twice as tough as what other floors of camping tents are. The zippers are ultimately heavy duty and capable of tolerating even the impatient hands. This camping tent is easy to set up and comes with lots of mesh keeping condensation at its minimum.

These are the best camping tents that can make your camping trip not just safe and convenient but unforgettable as well.


Best Fire Pits For Camping in 2018

The Best Fire Pits For Camping in 2018

Building campfires is one of the most enjoyable aspects of camping. Whether you like to camp alone, with a friend, or with your whole family, a fire pit will add ambiance to your outdoor experience. There are several types of pits from which to choose, depending on where you want to place your fire and how you plan to use it. Some campers build fires primarily for cooking, while others enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting near a warm fire to relax, sing, or tell stories. Here are the top three types of fire pits to consider when building your campfires.

1. Portable Fire Pits

Do you want to avoid carrying heavy objects all around with you when camping? A portable fire pit is a good choice if you want something versatile that travels easily. They are useful because they can be transformed into barbecue pits with the simple addition of a screen. The fact that most of them are relatively small or have collapsible parts makes them easy to transport. Some models also feature wheels and detachable handles. They often include carrying cases and an array of useful accessories.

2. Fire Rings

Usually made of steel or cast iron, fire rings can be fueled by logs, natural gas, or propane. Fire rings are portable as well, but their placement is limited. The campfire is built on flat ground and is encircled by the fire ring. One advantage of fire rings is their affordability: You can purchase a 30-inch fire ring for less than $50. For convenience, you could spend a bit more and add a removable cooking grid.

3. Natural Fire Pits

Some camping experts consider natural fire pits to be safer than fire rings since the fire is contained rather than out in the open. This option requires some time and physical labour, but the results will be worth the effort. To build a natural fire pit, you might need a truck or a wheelbarrow, some tools such as shovels, large rocks, and an appropriate space for building. The best location is an area already cleared of stones and brush, where you can dig a hole at least 18 to 24 inches deep and approximately 36 inches wide. You then line the “bowl” with large flat rocks that will reflect the fire’s heat. Use smaller rocks to line the sides, and then place a cooking grid on top for grilling.

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