The Best Fire Pits For Camping in 2018

Building campfires is one of the most enjoyable aspects of camping. Whether you like to camp alone, with a friend, or with your whole family, a fire pit will add ambiance to your outdoor experience. There are several types of pits from which to choose, depending on where you want to place your fire and how you plan to use it. Some campers build fires primarily for cooking, while others enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting near a warm fire to relax, sing, or tell stories. Here are the top three types of fire pits to consider when building your campfires.

1. Portable Fire Pits

Do you want to avoid carrying heavy objects all around with you when camping? A portable fire pit is a good choice if you want something versatile that travels easily. They are useful because they can be transformed into barbecue pits with the simple addition of a screen. The fact that most of them are relatively small or have collapsible parts makes them easy to transport. Some models also feature wheels and detachable handles. They often include carrying cases and an array of useful accessories.

2. Fire Rings

Usually made of steel or cast iron, fire rings can be fueled by logs, natural gas, or propane. Fire rings are portable as well, but their placement is limited. The campfire is built on flat ground and is encircled by the fire ring. One advantage of fire rings is their affordability: You can purchase a 30-inch fire ring for less than $50. For convenience, you could spend a bit more and add a removable cooking grid.

3. Natural Fire Pits

Some camping experts consider natural fire pits to be safer than fire rings since the fire is contained rather than out in the open. This option requires some time and physical labour, but the results will be worth the effort. To build a natural fire pit, you might need a truck or a wheelbarrow, some tools such as shovels, large rocks, and an appropriate space for building. The best location is an area already cleared of stones and brush, where you can dig a hole at least 18 to 24 inches deep and approximately 36 inches wide. You then line the “bowl” with large flat rocks that will reflect the fire’s heat. Use smaller rocks to line the sides, and then place a cooking grid on top for grilling.

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